Taking Los Angeles Apart

The quote that I chose is “Los Angeles is everywhere. It is global in the fullest sense of the world”. The quotation reminded me of a discussion in class about how Disneyland is also “everywhere” and we have all been exposed to Disney in some way. I realize now the similarities Disneyland has with Los Angeles that I did not realize before, but now I wonder how Los Angeles has in fact been exposed to everyone. The beginning of the essay talks about “The Aleph” which then follows with “The only place on earth where all places are..” Los Angels is very much like this because of all the varieties of different cultures that are now existing side by side such as Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Persian Square, Mexican style foods in Boyle Heights, African American styled art in Leimert Park, and much more. It is one place, where other places are. In my view, it means that Los Angeles takes bits and pieces from various cultures from around the globe, and crafts it into one masterpiece. Therefore, we probably have in fact all been exposed some part in Los Angeles,  similar to Disneyland. As I read on though, it seemed as though there was only meant to be a certain area that is the ‘real’ Los Angeles, like a cut off point. This also reminded me of Disneyland.


  1. What exactly was he 60 mile circle and why was it created?
  2.  Why does the government supply so much money to LA